Letters to the Editor

Letter: Defense Fund

OK, my fellow Idahoans. Here’s a quick and easy and (hopefully) instructive Idaho Legislature legal quiz:

Question: How do we know that an Idaho legislative bill is a.) Illegal, b.) Soon-to-be-declared illegal, c.) Unconstitutional, or d.) Soon-to-be-declared unconstitutional?

Answer: If a majority of our clueless Republican legislators and, more importantly, Gov. Butch Otter, Lt. Gov. Brad Little and don’t forget our Attorney General Lawrence Wasden, are wholeheartedly in favor of its passage (obviously hoping that their corporate slave-masters will continue to fill their pitiful campaign coffers).

Bonus question: Who do you think ends up having to pay to defend these misguided, miscreant and downright mean-spirited laws after they are passed?

Joe Numbers, Boise