Letters to the Editor

Letter: GOP editorial

Regarding wayward GOP deserving of its “hair apparent.”

Bob Ehlert continues to revel in attacking Republicans as the editorial page editor. In this piece, he plods through condescending criticisms of nearly everything Republican including a “bad patch” of Republicans vying for the party’s 2016 nomination. Even the bygone usual suspects, Bob Dole, Dan Quayle and Dick Cheney along with today’s Mitch McConnell and John Boehner, are tossed out and roughed up by Bob for not being presidential, or lacking in leadership — in total irrelevance.

The unrelenting liberal media assault is now underway (and Bob is right in there — bless his heart) as the GOP begins to put its candidates openly before the American people while we still wait for Hillary Clinton to answer a real question. Bob claims an existing “vacuum” in the Republican party with “no heir apparent, no leadership, no vision and no consensus.” He dismisses the candidates as a “bad patch” although they include five current governors, three senators and two corporate heads. I would argue that they constitute a “reputable patch,” especially when compared to the Democratic side, which is sadly trotting out a used-up Hillary Clinton with ever burgeoning baggage. So who exactly has a vacuum?

Charlie Nations, Eagle