Letters to the Editor

Letter: Voters

Prior to the 2000 election Florida eliminated thousands of legally registered voters from their registration books. When the state’s votes were first counted Bush led by 1,784 votes. A recount began reducing the lead to 327. It became obvious that Al Gore would probably win. George W. Bush appealed to the Supreme Court which stopped the recount and made Bush president.

Over 12,000 legal voters, mostly poor and/or black had been deprived of their right to vote by the state’s voter purge.

What did we get from Bush — 9/11, two unfunded wars, thousands of dead young Americans, more thousands of severely injured young Americans, probably several hundred thousand dead in the invaded countries, ISIL, two recessions, millions of job losses, large tax cuts for the wealthy, $4 trillion in debt including the six highest debts in history (he broke his dad’s record seven of eight years), the stock market crashed wiping out about half of our retirement savings, unfunded Medicare D, unprecedented voter suppression, etc.

This all occurred because millions of people did not vote. Get registered. Then vote. Unlike the 30 or so states that have made it difficult and/or costly to register, it is still easier in Idaho.

Leo Faddis, Kuna