Letters to the Editor

Letter: GOP editorial

Being an editor at a newspaper is an afforded luxury for some. Those who have been educated in a traditional university or college environment with a journalism/communications degree, or another higher ed degree and write well, become editors. It is truly an honor and higher calling.

But Robert Ehlert — being pompous and condescending as you are passing commentary about how bad the GOP group of candidates are and the upcoming debate cuts the wrong way. True journalists, real journalists report the facts from an “unbiased” view and approach and then render a view, an opinion objectively.

Since our country, our economy, immigration, our safety and security, our standing in the world, and race relations are doing so well with the current administration, you reveal yourself when it’s not your role or your job.

Having a higher ed degree in broadcast journalism, it’s sad to see where journalistic integrity has gone over the last 30 years.

Tim Russert was the last great political journalist. He was a dyed-in-the-wool Democrat, but when he reported you never knew where he stood politically. You could use a lesson.

Jeffrey Engelbert, Boise