Letters to the Editor

Letter: Enemy No. 1

In reply to Eric Schmitt’s article in the Statesman (Aug. 5).

Addressing America’s No. 1 enemy. It is my firm conviction that our No. 1 enemy of the U.S.A. is the people pulling strings of the man that stands with the Muslim Brotherhood in the White House . No. 2 is a Congress that sits on their behinds allowing our Constitution to be put upon by the very people that are sworn to serve and defend it against all enemies. In the last seven years America had several opportunities to put down al-Qaida and terrorist organizations that threaten the U.S. and be justified in doing so and yet we cater to the very countries that by their religious doctrine, the infidels (that’s us, folks) must be converted to Islam or killed. Our military, foreign affairs, homeland security and illegal immigration hands are tied by the executive branch. I can only hope the American people wake up to what’s happening to our country and let their representatives know to put aside their personal agendas and do the work they were elected to do. (Lead, follow or stay out of the way.)

Don Dustin, Boise