Letters to the Editor

Letter: Ag-gag law

I see Rep. Loertscher is up in arms against Judge Winmill over the decision to declare the “Ag-gag” law unconstitutional. Loertscher also seems to not understand the First Amendment applies to everyone and all media, not just those he approves of. I find it disturbing Loertscher compares video of despicable animal cruelty in the food industry to heavily-edited video of discussion of completely legal and benign activities at Planned Parenthood, edited purposely to lead under-informed “conservative” minions to a conclusion that PP is selling body parts ‘harvested’ from fetuses. Does he really believe PP deliberately aborts fetuses solely to ‘harvest’ their organs? Another typical Republican lie foisted on the most gullible among us, the “conservative Christian” followers of the idiot fringe.

His quoted surprise that the First Amendment applies the “right to photograph an operation” demonstrates shocking ignorance of our Constitution. How’d he ever get elected? Oh, yeah, I forgot; it’s a Republican thing. I was raised by a pastor and a school teacher, and learned it was a sin to lie, and a virtue to think and question, and report wrongdoing. I wonder what Loertscher’s upbringing was like?

Jefferson Young, Boise