Letters to the Editor

Letter: Ag-gag law

I am writing in response to “Federal judge strikes down Idaho’s ‘ag-gag’ law.” Idaho residents who value free speech and transparency won a victory over the corrupting influence of corporate money in politics. After years of spreading campaign cash around the state Capitol, the dairy industry has many legislators in their pocket. That explains why it was able to get a whistleblower-suppression “ag-gag” law passed last year. The law was written in reaction to the public relations black eye the industry received when staff at a prominent Idaho dairy producer were shown beating cows and even dragging a sick cow by her neck using a chain attached to a tractor. This law would punish not the abusers, but those who document abuse. I am glad that a judge had the courage legislators lacked and stopped this cold-hearted attack on our constitutional rights. I hope our elected officials will stop defending this terrible law and will focus instead on preventing animal cruelty in the first place.

Shannon Dearing, Boise