Letters to the Editor

Letter: Ag-gag law

As an owner of a dairy farm in Idaho, I was happy to learn that Judge Winmill found Ag-gag to be unconstitutional.

There are many well run dairy operations in this state that care humanely for their dairy cows. It is time for the leadership within the Idaho Dairyman’s Association to quit using valuable resources protecting the bad players. The focus should be on implementing a statewide mandatory education program that gives every worker on every farm the skills necessary to handle animals humanely.

Professor Progar, an educator at Washington State University and humane animal handling specialist, Dr. Don Hoglund, have partnered together and are offering to provide humane animal handling training to dairy operations so that employees and owners alike are educated in the latest greatest techniques in handling animals humanely.

I cannot think of many jobs in which some amount of formal training isn’t necessary for the employee to perform well. The dairy industry is not exempt from this and can no longer ignore the fact that everyone should be trained in humane animal treatment. How about we fund and legislate that?

Rebecca Lampman, Lampman Dairy Farm, Bruneau