Letters to the Editor

Letter: Guns

Whenever a person advocates for sane, common sense gun laws people like Retired Judge Larry Stirling use a “staple tool” of the right wing and labels them “leftists,” “socialists” or worse, hoping to discredit people who disagree with them. Spouting such nonsense about the government confiscating your guns, they ignore the thousands of Americans who die each year from gun violence. Stirling trots out the phony idea that most gun violence (he uses the term, gun misuse) occurs in the 10 most dangerous cities. Tell that to the folks at Columbine and Newtown. What he conveniently leaves out is the fact that the vast majority of the “misused guns” come from states where anyone with a pulse can obtain a gun. He also keeps conveniently quiet about gun shows where any criminal, terrorist or mental case can buy all the guns they want without the fear of a background check. This is my country too, Mr. Stirling, and I’m fed up with gutless politicians who turn their backs on murdered children out of fear the thugs at the NRA will attack them in the next election. The 2nd Amendment says “well regulated,” Mr. Stirling, not unregulated.

Keith Hull, Garden Valley