Letters to the Editor

Letter: Guns

Anyone who thinks guns are for their protection is living in the past. Guns are used all the time in war, crime, domestic and international terrorism, and, my personal favorite, the killing of beautiful wild animals for sport. We need more protection against guns than we will ever get from owning guns.

Guns in the home also kill innocent children, and innocent children are also killed in school shootings. Why do we have this ongoing loyalty to guns when they have become a cancer in our society? There are also people who love dangerous snakes, but they don’t brandish them in public or claim they have the right to carry them into restaurants or movie theaters.

Our protection against crime has always been the police, but now there are people saying they don’t trust the police. If you don’t like the police, don’t antagonize them. Don’t wave a toy gun at them. Don’t refuse to present a driver’s license. Don’t create a disturbance and then yell about your rights. To see what the police face every day, watch the Justice Network 7.3. Let John Walsh explain it to you.

Carol Bachelder, Boise