Letters to the Editor

Letter: Vehicle registrations

The state has nearly doubled my vehicle registration fees. Recently I identified an out-of-state driver who was dropping children off at school in a car with expired plates. I see people driving around our wonderful state with one and two years out of date plates all the time. I would like to ask Gov. Butch Otter to do something about this. It is only fair that everyone shares the cost of maintaining our roads. I just paid $53 to register my 23-year-old pickup. I pay my fees every year. I am also on permanent disability and I am very low income. The people who are scamming the system need to pay their share and fined to make up for what they have cheated the state out of. I will be sending this question to all the politicians and police chiefs I can find. I drive around and see these cheats all the time and I am tired of it.

Mark Lawrence, Emmett