Letters to the Editor

Letter: National monument

In response to John Kelly’s guest opinion, July 30; regardless of the merits, or not, of creating a Boulder-White Clouds National Monument, national monument status will not destroy the “obscurity” of the area. With the exception of the icons of the higher profile National Park system including Yellowstone, the Grand Canyon, Yosemite, and the Great Smoky Mountains, many national parks and monuments have languished in relative obscurity since their inception. These include Big Bend and the Guadalupe Mountains in Texas, North Cascades in Washington state, and back East, Mammoth Cave, a park comprising not only the cave complex, but extensive back country and the beautiful Green River. South of us in Nevada can be found the relatively recently established Great Basin National Park, which also features Lehman Caves. Spend a weekend in Baker, the gateway community, and you will be impressed with the quiet, and lack of traffic.

The BWC are one of many spectacular mountain ranges in the western United States, that, regardless of designation, will remain thankfully obscure. The multitudes that do hear the (laughable) “clarion call to the world” of BWC national monument designation, if it comes to that, will most likely pay little attention.

Clyde Cody, Boise