Letters to the Editor

Letter: Poverty

Poverty survives in spite of massive government programs. Although there have been strong, boastful promises that poverty would be eliminated in our generation, these promises have fallen way short of their predictions.

Poverty is rooted in mental deficiencies, bad habits, poor health, uncontrollable procreation, lack of training or education, and an absence of work ethic. Too many remain in the cities of their birth, where unemployment is rampant and life in the urban ghetto is grim.

With the disintegration of the family, life in the slum leaves a demoralized population from which few ever escape.

Unfortunately, the sins/misfortunes of the parents are visited on their children, and the cycle repeats itself. How to rid the conditions that confine people to the ghetto is the challenge of our day; and we’ve found that money alone is not the answer.

Survival of poverty in our day is remarkable since we are the richest nation on Earth. However, we don’t honor or promote marriage, fidelity and strong families. Over half of America’s children are born out of wedlock. These situations are fertile breeding grounds for poverty, crime and hopelessness.

Morris Bastian, Boise