Letters to the Editor

Letter: Black Lives Matter

The increasingly frequent stories in the paper about incidents of violence directed at African-Americans has motivated me to write. I am a white middle-class woman who has benefited from white privilege.

I have never had to worry about being stopped by a police officer for some minor offense and subsequently dragged off to jail. I have always benefited from the privileged position that allows me to go almost anywhere without fear. We should be appalled as a country by the level of violence endured by African-American citizens for centuries. I say enough. Taking down the Confederate flag is only a symbol that means nothing if white people don’t start having deep conversations with each other, our friends, our relatives, our fellow employees, in our churches, our synagogues, our mosques. When the phrase “Black Lives Matter” is used, it doesn’t mean that other lives don’t matter. It means, simply, that black lives are worthy. My God, that we have to be reminded of that is almost beyond comprehension. But we white people do have to be reminded of that self-evident fact. Black Lives Matter! Believe it. Live it.

Linda Lester, Boise