Letters to the Editor

Letter: Salmon

Thank you, Greg Stahl, for your timely guest opinion on behalf of salmon (Saturday, July 31). I just returned to Boise from a visit to the San Juan Islands with my 7-year-old granddaughter. We took a boat excursion out to view the resident Orca whales. Their numbers have dwindled to dangerous levels because they are starving to death. They’re not getting the necessary chinook salmon, and the reason is almost exclusively because of human-related degradations to the environment.

If these lower Snake River dams are not removed soon, then my granddaughter will be part of the last generation to view a magnificent Orca.

Another problem for Orcas is “farmed fish.” The farmed salmon are raised, intensively in confined areas, like nearly all farmed animals today. Hence they are prone to infection and treated with antibiotics. Unfortunately, the wild salmon that pass through the neighboring waters are susceptible to the diseases of the farmed fish, but since they don’t get the antibiotics, they die. If you buy “Atlantic” salmon out West, you are buying a farmed salmon.

It is incumbent upon us to recognize our growing impact on all animals and behave responsibly.

Marilyn Martin, Boise