Letters to the Editor

Letter: Under attack by religion

Our Constitution grants everyone in this country the right to practice religion or not, without interference from government or anyone else. Live and let live is the idea, but as history has shown us and continues to show us, some religious types aren’t content merely practicing their form of religion. They are determined to try to impose their view of morality on others.

For the sanctimonious types who think they are under attack, please consider the following:

No one is making you get an abortion. When you help prevent others from doing so, you create more poverty, women’s health issues and unwanted children.

No one is making you practice birth control, which, by the way, prevents more abortions and disease, and helps control overpopulation. Preaching to mindlessly grow your flock without any concern for overpopulating the world is narcissistic at best.

Divorce is personal. You’ll never know enough to judge others.

No one is trying to prevent you from marrying the person you love.

No one is bullying you or taking your job and/or housing away because of your sexual orientation.

Religious dogma leaves little room for discussion and empathy towards those who hold different opinions.

Bill Rutherford, Meridian