Letters to the Editor

Letter: Police abuse of power

It seems to be happening every time I turn on the news. Somewhere there’s another story of a police officer, whose job it is to protect and serve, being caught on camera abusing the position. This morning it was a policeman in Florida throwing peanuts at a handcuffed homeless man who was trying to catch them with his mouth. Now it looked like a game until the poor hungry handcuffed man got down and tried to pick up the peanuts that had missed by bending over and getting them with his mouth. What I watched was bad enough to make me sick, to watch a helpless person being treated like some kind of animal. But just as guilty were the two other policemen in the same room not reacting whatsoever, just another day on the job. It made me think how it’s less common to read about a person coming to the aid of a person being treated unfairly. Those two officers are just as guilty as the ignorant policeman throwing the peanuts. It’s their job to protect and serve. How simple it would be to put a stop to power abuse if others witnessing such an act would stop it.

Val Morse, Boise