Letters to the Editor

Letter: Planned Parenthood

There is one thing missing from the Planned Parenthood debate. One very small, insignificant fact. The baby to whom the donated tissue is extracted is alive. Planned Parenthood premeditatedly dismembered the heart, liver, etc. from a living, potentially breathing and soon to be dissected baby. Did the mother consent knowingly or was she told it was just a glob of tissue, a “fetus,” not really anything to think about? If her consent was given, they should be required to produce every consent form and account for every dime they collected for their baby parts donations. I understand that we consent to donate our organs after we have died. These babies are clearly babies, hence the harvesting of specific, intact organs (brains, lungs, etc.) , they were clearly alive, albeit helpless and dependent, and also just as clearly they could not give their consent to their own dissection and “donation.” I don’t believe you have the right nor can consent to dismember anyone, especially while they are still alive. I don’t want to see this organization defunded. I want to see them hauled before a court of law and indicted. This is not a congressional issue, this is criminal and a felony.

Cori Westlake, Nampa