Letters to the Editor

Letter: Greed

Maybe it is time to redefine the term “greed” for our time in history. Here is my version: Greed is the desire to have more than we have. One car is not enough. One house must be replaced with a bigger one. And the story goes on. We like to wonder if global warming is just a natural event, or do we 8 billion humans have something to do with it. I will never know for sure, because I will be gone when the final results come in. Perhaps is doesn’t matter in the long run, but it can lead us to being more willing to enjoy what we have around us right now. Sounds a little Zen-like?

Many religions seem to have a common ground in the way. The problem is not religion, it is people. Getting us to walk the talk may be difficult or even impossible. But it sure seems worth the work. Being content with our life may be the only thing we can hope for. I hope you are still awake. I do not accept donations now that my sermon is over.

Tom E. Edgar, Boise