Letters to the Editor

Letter: Editorial cartoon

Having lived in Idaho for nearly 30 years, I have on occasion respectfully disagreed with the Statesman’s editorial points of view. However, you did a great disservice with the publication of the editorial “cartoon” on the Opinions Page of the July 31 edition. The gist of the cartoon depicts a blood-thirsty terrorist as a far less serious threat to our world than a trophy hunter and notes that we would have “a slightly more perfect world” if terrorists beheaded trophy hunters. In other words, the killing of Cecil the lion by a trophy hunter was a far more heinous act than the plethora of terrorist attacks at home and abroad over the past two decades. There are numerous law-abiding trophy hunters in Idaho, across the U.S. and in many other countries. This trashy cartoon implies that our world “would be slightly more perfect” if all of these good people were targets by terrorists. While I realize that the cartoon does not necessarily reflect the position of the Statesman, its publication was in extremely poor taste.

David Christensen, Boise