Letters to the Editor

Letter: Roads and bridges

Idaho’s Legislature increased gas taxes and vehicle registration fees to raise revenue to fix or replace our worn-out roads and bridges. Apparently, nobody thinks about roads and bridges when funds are available. They’d rather spend them on more important things like suing the federal government, making high school seniors take a naturalization test, killing wolves and building a parking garage for themselves.

After road and bridge repairs are completed, I’m sure a legislator who owns a trucking company will introduce a bill to once again raise truck weight limits. How could anyone believe that overweight trucks cause roads and bridges, which are built by the lowest bidder, to crumble?

The NRA wants to know why Idaho prohibits their members from shooting across roads and bridges. After all, they financed most of Idaho’s Republican re-elections and they think the Second Amendment allows them free rein to shoot their man toys anywhere they please.

Ken White, Twin Falls