Letters to the Editor

Letter: Guardians of Earth

We have the Avengers and the Guardians of the Galaxy. What we need is some Guardians of the Earth.

Everyone has talents, skills and powers to become a hero. Whatever they may be, they can be used to protect the Earth and save the planet from the worst of Climate Mayhem. Every day is Earth Day and every day we all can do something.

We must kick our addiction to fossil fuels and power our lives and all our things with renewable energy. It will happen, without a doubt. It would be a shame if it happens too late to avert the worst of Climate Mayhem. Ask yourself if the things you own can be powered with renewable energy. If not, get things that can. Electricity can be generated with renewable energy and used to power your home, including heating and power your car.

We also need restorative action to soak up elevated levels of CO2 already in the atmosphere. This can be done by planting trees, flowers, and other plants that will not only take in CO2 but provide food for bees and butterflies that we need to pollinate our crops. Bring beauty to the world.

Heroes wanted.

John Weber, Boise