Letters to the Editor

Letter: Immigrants

Where is common sense in Washington, D.C., from President Obama on down to Congress?

No, absolutely no, illegal alien who comes to this country wants to live next to or around a criminal from their country, or any other country, unless they’re criminals themselves. Convicted criminal illegal aliens should not have a free pass to continue their crime spree here.

Our government’s main job is to protect its citizens or anyone that lives in peace here.

Call on President Obama and Congress to stop taking sides, playing politics and do what’s good for this country. For if we can save one life by getting rid of these people, then we’ve all served our country well.

Support defunding sanctuary cities with our tax money. Support Grant’s Law and Kate’s Law that will detain and deter criminal illegal aliens. Spread the word all over this country. Do your duty and save a life.

Expense — to deter countries from sending their criminals here, cut their aide or bill them for their incarceration.

Tell lawmakers “no loopholes” to get around the main purpose of these bills.

Margaret Lee, Caldwell