Letters to the Editor

Letter: Tree removal

Have you noticed what the water district did to the banks of the waterway along Roosevelt Street between South Canyon and Pine streets? They cut down all of the trees and the foliage along the banks. The Nampa Meridian Water District is in the process of doing the same along the walkways we use Wilson Drain/waterway walking path. It is beautiful and needs to be saved.

They decided that they don’t have the time to keep tree branches and trees cut back that fall into the waterway. They block the water and they think the tree root system is eroding the banks. Then they plan to wrap the banks with rocks to keep it from eroding. This is expensive and often not very effective. I believe this action is counterproductive to the beneficial uses of the waterway, including the fish – make the water too warm for them, the ducks and other birds will have their habitat destroyed, the path users/citizens will have no shade or beauty left to enjoy, and those who live along it will be robbed of the beauty that nature intended. In addition, I strongly believe that this will increase erosion.

Carol “Cece” Andrews, Nampa