Letters to the Editor

Letter: Social Security

Our Social Security system is one of the most successful programs in America’s history. It keeps millions of Americans out of poverty and helps seniors like me retire with dignity. As it approaches its 80th birthday on Aug. 14, however, there are politicians in Washington working to undermine our Social Security system.

Most of us have heard politicians like Rep. Paul Ryan calling to cut benefits and raise the retirement age. Their long-term goal is to dismantle and privatize the program. These politicians are working for Wall Street bankers hoping to cash in by collecting fees for managing Social Security funds. Right now, Social Security benefits are guaranteed. If the Great Recession has taught us anything, it’s that taking guaranteed benefits and gambling them on Wall Street is not a risk worth taking.

With pensions disappearing, it’s harder than ever to save for retirement. By simply requiring all Americans, including the super-rich, to pay their fair share into our Social Security system, we can provide a modest increase in benefits and extend the life of the program. We shouldn’t be looking to cut Social Security benefits; we should be looking to expand them.

Andrea Wassner, Boise