Letters to the Editor

Letter: Vietnam veterans

I am a Vietnam-era veteran. That means I served in the military during the Vietnam War but was not in Vietnam. I have joined the Vietnam Veterans of America Chapter 1025. I think it is important that your readership know what good we are bringing to the citizens of the Treasure Valley. We are an organization that helps other veterans that need it. (The only income we have to help other veterans is what we earn by sitting out in front of Albertsons and collecting donations, rain or shine). Some of the things we have done for local veterans with these donations are: put a roof on their house, built a handicap ramp, got a veteran in Idaho City a mobile home to live in, bought another veteran an adjustable bed and an electric wheelchair, bought coats for a family of five children who needed them for a cold winter, and fed approximately 50 families of five over Christmas, Easter and Thanksgiving holidays. We are looking for other Vietnam veterans to come join us. Our meetings are at the Legion Hall in Meridian on the first Tuesday of every month at 7 p.m.

Linda Hawley, Boise