Letters to the Editor

Letter: City Council

Small wonder Maryanne Jordan and the City Council are dead-set against council seats being allocated by district. If they had to face actual voters in an actual election, they might actually be held accountable for their performance, and God knows none of them want that. Why not allocate City Council seats by district and make the election partisan? The council might then actually come to reflect the philosophical and political make-up of Boise’s entire citizenry. Why not abolish the mayor and hire a competent city manager who actually reports to and works for all the people of Boise, and not just the North End socialists? Ignoring the opposition of the 2,000 citizens of the area, the council voted to annex several hundred acres south of Lake Hazel Road. But, since the council is accountable only to themselves, these citizens were irrelevant. It will be a long, cold, frosty day in hell before those 2,000 people see a tiny fraction of the money Boise lavishes on the Downtown area and the more politically correct parts of the city. Their taxes will, however, provide that money.

The City Council of the People’s Socialist Republic of Boise — accountable to no one. Why not?

Robert Graham, Boise