Letters to the Editor

Letter: Boise divided

Regarding the recent articles on “a Boise divided,” it’s interesting to note that the current City Council apparently seems to think Southeast Boise stops somewhere east of Federal Way.

Columbia Village has over 1,700 homes and this development gets little support from the city. As an association, CVOA maintains all the turf, trees, walking paths, desert belt areas and our own recreational park and rec center.

We have asked numerous times for radar patrols and a couple months ago there was a motorcycle patrolman writing speeding tickets. So, yes, there seems to be a City Council focus on the downtown core and much less regard for large neighborhoods like Columbia Village. I cannot recall the current council, mayor or his representative ever contacting our association to see what is going on and how we might work together on various projects and/or issues. When the vast majority of an association opposes the construction of an apartment complex and P&Z approves it, it seems something is amiss in that the city is ignoring the will of the people and favoring the developer. Interesting how easy it is to get an apartment complex approved but not regular radar patrols.

Steve Brocksome, Boise