Letters to the Editor

Letter: Evolution

The speculations about evolution continue. More theories, ideas and wishful thinking just keep coming, but there is no real evidence to support this “theory.” We have trained-up generations on this swill, and we see the results in the shootings, carnage and ruined lives of its adherents. Evidences for creation fit far better with the reality we see around us, and most people know this. So why insist upon evolution-only education in our humanist schools? Answered my own question — to produce humanists who believe man is his own god. Have you seen what we are doing to each other? Wars without end, suffering, famines, and all of it at man’s own hands. This all has been prophesied in the Bible for almost 2,000 years that the end times would be so. This world is failing. Do you know the creator, and are you ready for the new world to come?

Rory Wynhoff, Nampa