Letters to the Editor

Letter: Gun control

Regarding “Gun control” letter to the editor by Dave Silva, July 23.

I agree with Mr. Silva that the U.S. does seem to play Daddy Warbucks when it comes to supplying weapons throughout the world that too often end up in the hands of our enemies from North Vietnam to ISIS.

We part ways on the domestic issue. While gun ownership is widespread, gun misuse is concentrated in the 10 most dangerous cities. If criminal abuse of guns in those urban jungles was curtailed, America would rate among the safest nations in the world.

As for his clueless comment about buying machine guns, they have been subject to a prohibitive tax for Mr. Silva’s lifetime and there is no move to change that.

So Mr. Silva is just fear mongering, a staple tool of leftists. Mr. Silva is not advocating gun control, he is actually seeking government control by disarming law-abiding Americans.

Larry W. Stirling, retired judge, Ketchum