Letters to the Editor

Letter: Homegrown militias

I would laugh at these homegrown militias and their self appointed “protection” of our troops, except for the fact that they are dangerous. Their presence at places such as recruiting stations threatens the safety of our military and civilians alike. The DOD has said, essentially, thanks but no thanks, we don’t need your protection — request some of them are refusing to honor.

There are two words in the Second Amendment’s reference to militias and the right to keep and bear arms that most people who scream about their gun-toting rights, seem to overlook — “well regulated.” Where is the regulation of these groups? Frankly there isn’t any. Just a bunch of bigoted ammosexuals with a psychological need to impress others with their faux patriotism. Incidentally, these are some of the same folks who vowed to fight the U.S. military when President Obama tries to “take over” the state of Texas (whatever that means). Last time I checked, Texas was already part of the United States, so no takeover necessary. Anyway, are they fighting against or protecting our military? I suggest they choose a side and stick with it.

Darcy Stephens, Nampa