Letters to the Editor

Letter: Health care for all

After spending two months traveling west of the Cascades, I am impressed by Oregonians’ ability to organize around the health care issue. Their system is much more inclusive than Idaho’s but still has gaps — that’s why there is a Health Care for All movement. The organizers have convinced me of the advantages of a comprehensive system versus the current piecemeal approach. Other states such as Pennsylvania, Colorado and Ohio have come to the same conclusion and are seriously looking at the single-payer option. If Idahoans were smart they would be talking to other states about this issue. Why wouldn’t we want to insure health care for all, reduce cost, fraud and waste, and improve outcomes? Don’t listen to those adhering to the status who fear rationing (already exists), loss of freedom to choose (already limited), a tax funded system (will cost less) and socialized medicine (is not socialized medicine). Change is hard but sometimes necessary — this is one of those times. Check out hcao.org or healthcare4allpa.org for a comprehensive look at the single-payer option.

Jim Mariani, Pocatello