Letters to the Editor

Letter: Gun control

Regarding Dave Silva’s letter on gun control, July 23.

Silva’s glib comment about buying a .50-caliber machine gun takes no account new ones cost $25,000, are 5 1/2 feet long, weigh 85 pounds, are crew served and fire from a mount. $1,200 buys about 30 seconds of ammo. Some .50 caliber semi-auto rifles are available which only cost many thousands of dollars. I hope Silva wasted no time researching the .50-caliber machine gun’s use in crime, yet his statement presumes guilt on the part of anyone who wants one.

In fact, since 1928 federal law strictly controls machine-gun ownership. Some states do not allow them. In his tiered system, why would criminals place themselves in a category that would prevent them from buying the weapon they wanted?

International arms control: In some cases, U.S. participation in arms supply has been reprehensible. But take the U.S. out and a line of other countries will form to meet the demand.

Internationally or domestically, Silva’s plan would have the same effect all gun control laws have on crime — none.

Charles Green, Boise