Letters to the Editor

Letter: Gov. Otter

Whoever has followed Butch Otter’s misbehavior in office shouldn’t be surprised at the article in the Statesman (July 13) to the effect that he kept secret the news that critical federal funding for the IEN had been withheld because of a “whistleblower’s” complaint to the FCC. Thank God for whistleblowers who have the courage to make underhanded behavior by public officials known. With a few exceptions, they are our only link to honest government.

Which agency approved/oversaw the broadband contract? The Department of Administration (DoA). Who was the director of DoA at this time? Teresa Luna.

I’ve heard Otter is concerned about his legacy. He should be. A large part of it will be: the CCA contract; the ordered investigation to the ISP that never took place until the public found out it wasn’t taking place (thanks, Statesman); giving a highly paid job to Teresa Luna after she left state government, rather than using that money to fix Notus school ... and now this mess. Lawsuits are coming.

The late Gen. MacArthur urged the future officers at West Point to always choose the path of “Duty, Honor, Country.” I have seen none of this in the administrations of Butch Otter.

Jack Stevens, U.S. Army Officer, retired, Stanley