Letters to the Editor

Letter: Dental fillings

It is so typical to see how today’s media is biased, short-sighted and in recent years tends to tell the readers only the side of the story that fits their point of view. Saturday, July 25, the Idaho Statesman published a story, written by Greg Gordon of the Statesman Washington Bureau, about silver dental fillings being a toxic and damaging material that needs to be removed. Please note the sources quoted by the biased author. Fringe opinions, and insinuations that the real truth is being hidden by the feds and their lackeys in the profession. Good grief, doesn’t anyone try to get a balanced and well-researched view of a subject? The issues discussed by the author of the article missed much of the real truth and issues at hand. I have been in the dental industry for nearly 40 years, and this type of biased reporting still exists despite a wealth of information to the contrary. Before you spend your hard-earned money on taking out your silver fillings, ask your dentist about the issue. The truth is far simpler and much more cost effective than being a lemming to remove something so very cost efficient as an existing simple silver filling.

John D. Blaisdell, DDS, Caldwell