Letters to the Editor

Letter: Boise River

Floating on the Boise River is not safe.

Our out-of-town guests wanted to go rafting and we had never been. It was a nightmare. The trees on the banks have dangerous large branches hanging down and the river is swift. One four-inch branch stump was coming right at my face so I held my boat oar up in front of me and the branch smacked into it, sent me off of my seat into the person sitting behind me and into the third person on the boat. We lost the oar and now we had only one. It was impossible to steer and so we just kept going into trees. Mostly we had to just duck and get scratched up. We beached the boat and were stuck walking out.

Something has to be done about the trees if inexperienced persons are to go out on the river. We’ve talked to others with similar experiences. We tell everyone not to go rafting.

Catherine Masiac, Meridian