Letters to the Editor

Letter: Iran deal

The Statesman has carried several opinion pieces against the Iran deal buts few in favor so I want to give my two-cents worth. The diplomats of major powers negotiated for years before reaching an agreement with Iran. Immediately after the agreement was announced a plethora of Monday morning Republican quarterbacks plunged in to oppose the pact. I fear their main motive is their longstanding opposition to anything Obama does. Their other motivation is their respect for use of military power over diplomatic negotiation, which they consider weakness. After all, we spend as much on the military as the rest of the world combined. It should be used to impose our will, or so goes the reasoning. The U.N. Security Council unanimously favored the agreement as do most national governments around the world. The main opposition comes from our Republicans, Netanyahu, and Iranian militarist hardliners. I find that an interesting coalition. Netanyahu has started wars in Palestine and wants to do the same in Iran but since Iran is three times the size of Iraq, he needs American help. Our Republicans seem willing to help him and charge anti-Semitism if we refuse.

Kenneth Viste, Boise