Letters to the Editor

Letter: Public lands

Public land transfer is the greedy attempt of a few ranchers and politicians to “cash in” on what is left of Idaho’s open space. These folks do not have the best interests of recreationists, watersheds, wildlife or anything else at heart — and want to force the fox right into the hen house. There is already little oversight of Idaho’s school trust sections — largely used for private commercial ventures. Federal agencies tap our national tax base yet struggle to fund national forests and parks. Idaho cannot begin to adequately feed its hungry, house its poor, manage its wildlife, manage its prisons, give its disabled equal access, pave its potholes, pay its police officers or regulate its day care centers and nursing homes. Idaho can’t fund its own state parks and sends state workers home on furlough when deficits loom too high. Obviously Idaho is incapable of managing or providing oversight for millions of acres of federal land. The only option (and hidden goal) is disposal of whatever lands are pirated. This will leave Idaho’s beautiful public lands in the hands of the “foxes” while the state squanders any returns on political kickbacks like the Brackett bombing range farce — or worse.

Jim Prunty, Twin Falls