Letters to the Editor

Letter: Internment camps

The July 23 Statesman headline “Local papers ignored injustice to Japanese,” concerning news coverage of WWII Japanese internment in the U.S., reminded me again of Japanese prison camps in the Philippines, then a protectorate of the U.S. From 1941 until 1945 thousands of American civilians, military and loyal Filipinos were interned in Los Banos, Cabanatuan, O’Donnell, Santo Thomas, and my prisons of Camp John Hay, Camp Holmes and finally Old Bilibid Prison in Manila, where we civilians joined the American soldiers who had survived Corregidor and Bataan. On Feb. 4, we, prisoners of war who had endured starvation and being brutalized by Japanese Kempei Tai, were liberated by American troops led by Gen. Douglas MacArthur. World War II — Pacific Theater — is often forgotten and maybe even “ignored.” I can remember our handmade American flag being raised and ducking a parting salvo by our captors. I say, God bless America.

Patsy R. Booth, Boise