Letters to the Editor

Letter: Killing buffalo

Idaho shamefully squandered an incredible opportunity by killing the wild bull bison that migrated to Henrys Lake recently. Idaho claims — as it does each time — that it shot this bull because of brucellosis. Bull bison pose zero risk. It’s only theoretical that any wild bison poses a risk. It’s never happened. Elk carry and have been implicated in transmitting brucellosis to cattle but they’re free to roam. It’s not about brucellosis; it’s a centuries-old range war. Cattle are in the way of bison restoration; get them out of the way. This bull was undertaking the natural restoration of an ecologically extinct nation. We could have learned from him: where will he go, how long will he stay, will he seek out ancestral territory? How will the land benefit? Neither Idaho nor Montana — under cattle industry control with local, state and federal cops at their service — allows these questions to be asked. Death and harassment are the only options these wildlife-destroying war mongers wage. We should all be furious over this incident. Idaho wants to pretend buffalo never existed there. But they did and will again. Migration is free. Buffalo roam and they’re coming home soon.

Stephany Seay, Buffalo Field Campaign, West Yellowstone, Mont.