Letters to the Editor

Letter: Fire hazards

Hulls Clutch and July 4. Seeing the destruction that the fire did in Hulls Clutch brings to mind two things. First, most outdoor enthusiasts know that the best way to dispose of waste is to dig a small hole, deposit waste and cover up. Lighting it up — seriously!

Second, as a resident of Boise’s North End, I have concerns over illegal fireworks activity during the July 4 holiday. First, the sale of fireworks within the city limits and secondly that residents in the city can block off their streets and set off fireworks in the middle of the streets that shoot up through the trees. When I ask why, the replies are: Oh, the police can’t really do anything about that; sale of fireworks can’t be prohibited. Hopefully everyone will appreciate and respect that we are known as the “City of Trees.” Sadly will it take lawsuits, destruction of property or, even worse, a death before city officials do something.

Elke Scholl, Boise