Letters to the Editor

Letter: Republicans

Watching the clown show that is the Republican primary is pure joy. The only thing that tempers it is the real chance that one of these Bozos will run the country ... further into the ground. Never have you heard 16 people try to say the same thing so many different ways. I ain’t the Amazing Kreskin, but let me guess the platform. Lower taxes on the wealthy, increase spending on the war machine (just like Jesus would do), cut environmental regulations, cut Medicare, cut Medicaid, cut Social Security, cut, cut, cut. Cut everything, except what benefits the wealthy. Oh, and make you work longer for your Social Security, thereby stealing thousands of dollars from you. Punish working-poor women, and give lip service to “life.” When in reality they only love the idea of babies. Wealthy babies are fine. Poor babies must suffer. Pit the working class against itself and fan the flames of racism. Don’t forget to hate on the gays, and at all cost make sure business never bears the burden of lost profits. Bail them out, coddle them, and act the sycophants that the party has become. Why are Republicans so mean? That’s their nature. And Jesus weeps.

Troy Ingraham, Boise