Letters to the Editor

Letter: Middle East

I am a retired military officer, Vietnam war vet and, for the past decade, a frequent visitor to many Middle East countries, including Tunisia, Egypt, Jordan, Palestine, Lebanon, Yemen and Afghanistan. I have a personal appreciation for the horrors of war and the complexities of relations in the Middle East. Because of that background, I recognize that it is essential to avoid another disastrous war in that region.

President Brrack Obama and Secretary of State John Kerry have taken a great step in preventing such a war with their participation in the agreement to limit Iran’s nuclear program. The agreement is the only sane option for dealing with the potential threat of a nuclear Iran and avoiding an otherwise inevitable conflict that would have no good end.

The fulminations of Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu and his acolytes in Congress against the agreement are motivated by delusional fears of the current government of Israel, not by the best interests of the U.S. We must remind our congressional delegations that they were elected to serve our national interests, not Likud’s. Therefore, Congress should support the administration in implementing the agreement. It should not try to undo our best chance for peace in the world’s most volatile region.

Everett Wohlers, Boise