Letters to the Editor

Letter: Acceptance

People – we have so many important things that need attention in our country and our lives. So why do we get so caught up in trivial things that are basically people putting their nose in someone else’s business?

God made all of us. Just maybe we have screwed a few things up that have caused other things to happen. For instance, some of the fish in the Platte River in Colorado have been found to have both male and female reproductive organs, perhaps caused from pollution in the river.

What we need to remember is who the judge is. Not us. We all will come before God. Let me remind you, a loving, forgiving, caring God. He has to be so sorry that so many of his children are so hateful and sometimes to those that need us the most.

When someone finds love in their life, God bless them. Some of us may never be that lucky.

Trudy Day, Boise