Letters to the Editor

Letter: Criminals

Recently we’ve had unbelievably bad behavior by professionals.

1) A doctor treating patients for cancer who did not have cancer. Estimated charges to the patients and insurance companies, $34 million.

2) Bill Cosby’s lawyer stating it is ridiculous for anyone to think Mr. Cosby drugged women for sex. Mr. Cosby admits he drugged women for sex. The lawyer probably earned considerable money to defend his client. The lawyer should return the money.

3) Computer engineers stealing our dates of birth, Social Security numbers for financial gain. IRS alone believes the theft is in the millions.

When a person is a thief or a crook, those characteristics take over regardless of their intelligence, education or profession. When these people are convicted of their crimes, we use flowery, mild terms like scammers, hackers and people breaking into legal-tech equipment. They frequently get a slap on the wrist and a small fine. We need to wake up. Call them what they are: thieves, crooks and criminals. Make prison terms mandatory. And make them pay back every cent they have stolen, plus interest.

George Bambauer, Boise