Letters to the Editor

Letter: Rehabilitation

I often hear people talk about how important rehabilitation is for prisoners in order for them to be successful in society. I couldn’t agree more. Rehabilitation goes further than the prison walls, it continues on the outside and all through their lives.

Few are willing to give them jobs so they can support themselves and their families. They certainly aren’t going to rent them a place to live. The background check shows they have a record. Yes, they made a mistake and paid their dues. How can rehabilitation be if no one is willing to support them by giving them a chance to prove themselves?

Yes, there are those few who abuse and continue in their same behaviors, but we don’t refuse welfare benefits to those who abuse them. Maybe we should. Think about it and let’s truly rehabilitate those who are truly trying. We never know when one of our loved ones will be in their shoes.

Melody Williams, Kuna