Letters to the Editor

Letter: Micron

Micron Technology. Oh wow, we are stupid. Oh, you’re not? Then listen. How many know, for example, there was Micron memory in the original Xbox? A failure as each Xbox ended up selling for 10 cents each but nonetheless, the point is Micron Technology is where you least expect it and selling to the Chinese is exactly not what we want. $24 billion is huge but it’s temporary. We need to clear the fog of our minds, recognize what this really is: The Chinese saturate our economy, undermine and damage it. Then they swoop in, “Hey, we’ll buy that failure of a company for you.” Recognize this. We have leaders, some who could become president, talking about competing with China. Because that’s what we need to do. Not sell to them. We need a strong market and strong innovations. Micron cannot become property of China without huge repercussions. Wake up, America. Not just Boise, Idaho. This is a mistake. Rally, march, stand up for your country. To sell to China, to lose all those jobs and revenue, to not compete in a world market that Micron does in fact do — to sell out. That is not the dream.

Jeff Wells, Boise