Letters to the Editor

Letter: Check-cashing stores

I’m a pretty mellow guy, I tend not to get worked up over things. Something has arrived at my door that just seems so rotten and indefensible. Someone known to me took out a short-term loan at one of the payday loan services for something in the $300 to $400 range. Total mistake. Over time he has paid over $1,200 and they still want $400. The sheriff sent out a garnishment letter to garnish his wages. So not only do we allow these criminal predatory lenders to fleece poor folks in our town, the courts and our law enforcement are the collections wing of this criminal activity. The person who took out the loan shares blame in this. Having paid $1,200 of a $400 dollar original debt, I think he may have faced a good share of responsibility already. I wish this person had come to me first with money needs and stayed away from these sharks. This stuff sickens me.

Darin Turner, Boise