Letters to the Editor

Letter: Boulder-White Clouds

I keep coming back to ponder Mr. Barker’s article of July 10: “Simpson’s Boulder-White Clouds bill passes important hurdle in the House,” because there is one sentence that has such horrible ramifications; namely:

“Ranchers, facing reductions in grazing, would be allowed to retire grazing allotments in exchange for money from a third party.”

Once rights of any kind are separated from land or life’s true owners, they become toys for political, media and market manipulation. Just as Saudi Arabia owns many cotton “plantations” and a huge chunk of oil refining in this country, “investors” are thrilled to buy rights and all the political clout that goes with it. It’s caused a lot of problems in South America. Americans sell their right to privacy every time we “buy” into the pied piper’s story of the “benefits” of telling “the market” what you like — the truth is transformed into a “benefit,” a service to you.

In business and marketing there is something called “third party technique,” which, according to Wikipedia, refers to “marketing strategy commonly employed by public relations firms, that involves placing a premeditated message in the ‘mouth of the media.’ ” I’d say Rep. Mike Simpson’s marketers did a “doozy” of a job.

Dottie Lowe, Boise