Letters to the Editor

Letter: Krauthammer

I’m shocked by the statement made in the July 5 Statesman by Mr. Krauthammer, ordinarily a patriot/apologist, in the second sentence of his article that American power and influence in the Middle East is “poisonous corruption,” and more so that he posits this opinion as fact, rather than noting that it is merely his opinion. And the headline: “Nuke deal worst ever in U.S. diplomatic history?” If it’s the worst diplomatic deal of any kind ever, is it worse than the Iran-Contra deal, which was not only pretty bad but also illegal, and incidentally strengthened Iran back when they were at the height of their fanaticism? If it’s limited to nuclear deals, this one hasn’t even happened yet. How do you accurately judge a work in progress to be ‘the worst ever?’ The only thing clearly factual about this article is his name; he writes this piece like he’s been gonged on the noggin with a mallet and his head is full of cabbage.

Note: The nuclear deal with Iran referenced in the letter was announced Monday.

Scott McDougall, Boise